First responders: We want to hear your Valley Fire story


Valley Fire Stories is a fundraising project to benefit the 22 firefighters who were injured or displaced by the Valley Fire. We are soliciting stories from the first responders who were on the front lines during the first 72 hours of the Valley Fire.

The initial phase of the project includes this website and an e-book titled Valley Fire Stories: Tales From the Front Line. We believe potential buyers of the e-book will be most interested in the perspectives of the men and women who were on scene as the conflagration swept through Cobb Mountain, Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake. Depending on the response, an audio book and/or print book may follow.

First things first: We are compiling written accounts, pictures, audio files and videos from firefighters, law enforcement and other Valley Fire first responders. Personal interviews will be scheduled in Middletown through November, and in other locations by appointment. If you are a Valley Fire first responder, call 707-533-3012 to schedule your appointment.

If you’re not a first responder, we’re still very interested in you and your story. Most of the content received by civilians will be posted on this website, but some of it may be repurposed for the book. If you want to share your story, check out the Story Guidelines. If you simply want to say thanks to the firefighters and other first responders, check out the Say Thank You page. is a fundraising and community-building project of the South Lake County Volunteer Firefighters Association, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please bookmark this page, and check back often for updates.